Current Prayer Listing

Prayer List

Pat Strong, Anita Peckham, Norm Waterman, Val Norrs, Marcia Wilkinson's passing of her father, Kathy Lee, Linda and Les Green, Krinann, Janice, Bob Brockway, Martha in her new home in Oneida, Religious Education Program, Family of Sam Terrier, Carol Hanson, OUr notion and our troops, Dan Forward,


Prayers for our friends in nursing homes

Mona Brown,  Ann Bono, Ciara Byrne, Gert Cass, Natalie Mills, Pam Schenk, Trudy Schram.

Prayers for friends with ongoing needs

Kevin Barry, Liz Bennett and her husband, June Calhoun, Corinne Camp, Douglas Campbell, Clark, Ron Darling,Gary Farney, Eva Ford, Russell Foyer, Danny Gray, Andrew Hardy, Marcia Hayduke, Mary Hoch, Justin and Jessica, Aubrey Rose Lake, Joan Kazlauskas, Krissann and Family, Amy LaMunion, Brian LoGalbo, Lea Galler, Marie, Howard Moot, Rob Ortiz, Lu and Pete Palmer, Lucille Palagrino, Lyman and Jean Pelkey, Terry Ramsey, Betty Rice, Kevin Schenk, Tony Schenk, Jean Schenk, Harold Stewart, Sandra Swift,

Prayers for those with cancer

Carol Socha Aldridge, Nancy Allen, Maxine Barber, Susan Brown, Danny Budlong, Ellen Bush, Ralph Chapman,  Richard Church, Kathleen Coyle, Lynn Conroy, Carole Cook, Dyanna Cornachia, Cathy Cummings, "Bud Dorr, Mary Dowling, Cheryl Hammond English, Sue Gaskins, Nancy Graham, John Griffiths, Fidel Godina, Delores Hamilton, Shirley Kinne, Joseph Macguire, Jim Marcellus, Jean McCormick, Val Norrs, Norma Osterling,  Linda Owens, Allison Raymond, John Richmond's daughter-in-law, Emily Salka, Bill Schlist, Julie Schuster, Susan Shadle, Sharon Slate, Morris Smith, Bill Sooner, Mike Taylor, Melanie Tucker, Norm Waterman, Don (Toots) Winn, the Westfall Family, and Missy Yafchek.

Prayers for our Service Men

Danny Carr, Andy Gray, Kellog, Spc. Sheldon, Cpl. Mathew Baker, Jason May, Spc. Morgan Baker, Brandon LeRoy-US Air Force, Jon Moot, Justin Morris, Scott Ponton and service Buddies, Travis Schenk, E5 Marcus Weaver, Pvt. Wingo and all our service people.